About Us


“We laid the foundation of our company in 2013, and ever since, we’ve also laid the foundation of hundreds of friendships & travel tales”.

Today, after 9 years of experience and exposure in the travel space, Ankit Travel Stories has bloomed into a family that has crossed many milestones and has delivered many promises. The foundation has been built brick by brick, with each brick embodying an undying passion for travel, creativity and a desire to deliver unparalleled experiences.

You knock by our doors as you love what we promise, you stay as we surpass those promises

Established by Ankit Anand, our company was built after many consecutive years of trials and errors and a willingness to deliver something beyond just travel. Apart from experiential travelling, we also deliver a promise. A promise to make your travel experiences worth remembering and documenting.
We master at organising domestic travel experiences (road trips, adventure travels, camping and trekking) across Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Kerala, North East India, Andamans, Rajasthan and Goa. You can choose from our vast range of options for both shorter and longer duration trips. To have a sneak peek of our trips, you can click

Our trips see a lot of travellers who make the best of their times while they’re with us

Whether you're a solo traveller or not, we always welcome you with the warmest of hugs and ensure that the warmth remains even when you’re not travelling. In the past few years, several solo travellers, friends and families have joined our trips. People who travel with us are fond of experiential travelling.

Our travels are way beyond just itineraries, itineraries flow as we take one moment at a time

The experiences surpass our itineraries. For instance, a typical experience with us would mean soaking your soul underneath a misty waterfall with strangers you’ve just befriended, sharing jokes under a blanket of stars or even spending the evening exploring a Himachali market because that’s how we roll! These are the kind of memories that are unplanned, yet, they are the ones that linger in our hearts for a lifetime.

Our trippers join our trips as strangers but head back home as one family

The memories made with us are not just about travelling, but about love, laughter, friendships, fun and joys experienced in our journeys. Whether you are a first-timer solo traveller, an all-year-round solo traveller, a pack of friends who’ve been willing to expand their travel family, a couple who wishes to cherish the most out of each other while making friends on the way, we have room for everyone! Our trippers have an innate love for travelling and are equally looking forward to making you feel at home.

Every trip with us is worth every single penny spent, and even beyond

We believe in giving way beyond what we take. Every experience with us is worth your time and money as we deliver over and above any formulated itinerary. This is the very reason why people choose us as their travel partner even for the twentieth time without any hesitance. If you are still wondering how just take that leap of faith and join our trip for once. The rest will unravel as we go!

We have dedicated partners across remote locations, working together to enrich your trips

If there’s anything that has made Ankit Travel Stories shine through all these years, it is our dedicated members who work day and night to beautify your experiences with us. Our partners are always willing to offer the best experiences, ensuring that you not only get a beautiful place to stay but also gather memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Our partners are some of the most wonderful individuals who weave wonders with their dedication and make their travel aspirations come true.
You can get a taste of our travel through our blog posts, specially curated by Ankit. Ankit has extensively travelled across the Himalayas, gotten himself lost in the mountains and have come back with a renewed sense of positivity. With this venture, we wish to make you experience everything he has ever felt while travelling. Come, join us for your next adventure!